The Cowtown Manage ment Group, home of the Cowtown Range and Venue specializes in high end DoD training as well as Law Enforcement and Private Contractors. We have been performing, and hosting training for every 3-letter Military groups for the past 18 years and as such, have witnessed and been privy to some of the most advanced technology and equipment. With that being said, i have never witnessed what i experienced out at our range with respect to your ballistic plates.

To say that WindZero’s technology is a “game changer” does not seem too adequately express what I saw with my own eyes today.  The fact that WindZero’s plates are considerably lighter than anything deployed in the field is amazing enough. The real take away is the face that the WindZero Stand Alone Plate was able to defeat a.338 Lapua Mag round which I would not have believed unless I saw it first hand, which I did. Not only 1 round but 2 rounds in close proximity at the impact amazingly shot as 50 yards away. There were zero Penetrations.

I don’t think many(or any) designers or manufacturers would have attempted a real-time test at the distance of 50 feed of a.338 Lapua with full muzzle velocity. 200yards perhaps, but 50 yards with zero penetration… unbelievable. In viewing of the other test of the light weight In-Conjunction plate was merely interesting after watching the large and powerful .338 Lapua rounds get absorbed and eaten up by the WindZero’s technology.

All that i can say is that i am in awe and excited for our range to continue to foster a business relationship with Wind Zero and the team.


Best Regards

Paul Mueller

Paul Mueller

Cowtown Management Group